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I Think Society is Wrong About Steroids

Posted on: February 10, 2009 7:14 pm

I think steroids is the most overblown so-called problem in sports. Where are all the stories of athletes dying from taking steriods? I'm sure people will mention Pro Wrestling but pretty much all those deaths were overdoses of hardcore drugs such as coke, not steroids. HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, did an expose' on the so-called dangers of steroid use & Gumbel at the end of the program said that the proof just wasn't there and that it's "all smoke & no fire" as far as dangers of using steroids. Our generation has seen World records shattered & homerun records broken several times over by athletes who were found to have taken steroids. What am I missing here?  We have what seems to be the elusive fountain of youth, but instead of being praised as such we as a society vilify it. People will also point out that steroids are illegal. Pot is illegal also & has never killed anyone in history, yet tobacco & alcohol kill thousands & can be bought freely. More people die in our country from taking aspirin or vitamin C than steroids. What is the difference between taking supplements such as creatine & taking steroids, other than steroids work much better? Our government should legalize steroids & then regulate them so we can explore ways to use them to advance human evolution.

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